Surfing and programming. Born in Sweden, raised in Portugal, now (mostly) a gypsy. I'm available for consulting and freelancing.

My favourite stack for web development is Elixir, I really like Erlang, OTP and the process based model of programming.

I'm comfortable with the full stack of web development, in what I hereby declare its real meaning - building web applications owning both the domain logic and the presentational aspects of it.

I've been building and writing code in Elixir for about 4 years, while at the same time working just as regularly with "modern" JS based frameworks. Before that I worked for a while with Ruby on Rails.

Technologies I'm comfortable with:

  • Elixir
  • VueJS / NUXT
  • React / Gatsby
  • Postgresql
  • Javascript (including several well known libraries, such as PIXI.js for WebGL, jQuery, chart.js and many others)


  • Heroku
  • Gigalixir
  • Render
  • Scaleway


  • RDS
  • EC2
  • S3
  • Cloudfront
  • DynamoDB